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Once upon a time, there was a young blond girl, and she set the word on FIYAAAA with her icy blue eyes and rockin’ surfer bod. Not only has this starlet dated some of Hollywood’s most dreamys [Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, Jared Leto... Just to name a few], but her flawless aging has become one of the top 7 wonders of the world. Looking just as fit and fierce as she did over a decade ago when she first hit the red carpet, I bring you one of Charlies own Angels, THE Cameron Diaz.mignonnemignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne[Jacket: Thrifted, similar // Top: Anthropologie, similar // Pants: Gap, Similar // Shoes: Target, similar // Bag: Target, similar]

Here are two other looks of hers that I just love! Cameron Diaz

And who doesn’t love a casual outfit with some striped keds?!
Cameron Diaz

xoxo – A


The fun of yard sale-ing is that you have an excuse to buy ridiculous things and make them work! This weekend C and I met up and went to a yard sale. We both found some pretty awesome items, and this one is one of my favorites! And, remember that post about Size Don’t Matter? Well, let me introduce you to my new, silky, leopardy, top that is…. a 20W. Yes, you read that right, a 20Wide. Hello $1.00 top that I am obsessed with!! mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonneSo hit up all the yard sale’s possible this weekend and don’t be scared away by sizes that aren’t yours! You too could walk away with a top that makes you feel like Queen of the Jungle [HA]!

xoxo – A

Treat Yo Self > Kate Spade Keds

Inspired by a particularly hilarious episode of Parks and Recreation, we have decided to create a segment called Treat Yo Self. Every Tuesday we will post about a favorite item that we have treated ourselves to… because sometimes there are those pieces that you just KNOW are worth the extra Benjamins.

This week’s Treat Yo Self is brought to you by C and her new favorite kicks!

If you read this blog you probably know two very important things about me: 1. I love polka-dots 2. I love Kate Spade. So how do you think I felt when I found out polkies and Kate had a baby!?

2 IMG_1074 IMG_1081 IMG_1073 IMG_1087 1[ shoes: Kate Spade Keds! // dress: Anthropologie (similar) ]

{click on the links above to shop the post^^}

I literally squeal inside every time I look down an my newly polka-dotted feet! Treat Yo Self today to whatever makes your insides squirm with happiness – whether that’s a new pair of shoes, cuddling up with a good book (Harry Potter), or dying your hair magenta! Just go with it!

xoxo – C

Code RED

One day I was casually perusing the world of Pinterest and stumbled upon a website that changed my life forever. Exaggerated statement? Maybe. Newest obsession? Most definitely. Not only is everything on there suuuuuper affordable, but it has things that I feel like I haven’t seen in stores [free shipping too]. So, I am 100% obsessed. This red dress that I got from them? $32 buckaroos. Let me tell you Folks, I might need an intervention soon.mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonnemignonne mignonne mignonneSince getting this dress, I have either worn it or wanted to wear it every day. It feels like wearing a cape, so I feel like a princess. And who DOESN’T want to feel like a princess?! So head on over to because I am 100% positive you will find something that you also want to wear every. single. day.

xoxo – A

Style Icon > JAiME

Dearest readers, style icons don’t always have to be far away movie stars or celebutants… sometimes the best style icons to have are people from your very own town, or in this particular case, from your very own college-on-a-mountain-in-Georgia… On this “Style Icon Friday” I am beyond thrilled to introduce Jaime.  A wonderful person and a fierce dresser, Jaime is the brains and bronze behind the InSaNeLy cool blog She Wore It Anyways. She knows a lot of pretty awesome things – how to style a photo shoot, how to rock a half-shaved head of hair, how to make a killer breakfast (seriously, her Instagrams of her various breakfast foods will make you want to die)… but if there’s one thing Jaime REALLY knows – its how to dress – and how to be thrifty while doing it. Without further adieu … I give you one of my top style icons of all time… Jaime.

xoxo – C.

“Once upon a time I was out in Boulder, Colorado to shoot a wedding. I had built in an extra week to enjoy the city and do a little rock climbing with an old friend. Back in college I had frequented Boulder and I knew I had to make it to Savers for a little thrifting while I was out there. Near the end of my week there I realized I had done absolutely too much shopping I would definitely need a second suitcase  to travel home with. So… off to Savers thrift store I went!

Little did I realize a size 9, metallic silver, python printed, platformed, pump, pair of Elizabeth and James would be waiting for me! Originally in the $400 to $500 range these lightly trotted gems were marked $14.”

image (4)-2

“I almost fell out right there in the isle. Now there are one of my prized possessions.

I rarely get to bust them out but the other day I had the opportunity to do a little shoot with Jessica Munday {}. I paired them with a navy leather circle skirt from ASOS that I purchased for $50 (originally $160) and white tee with beaded shoulder embellishments that I picked up last weekend at a yard sale for $1. Originally from Express.

Overall the outfit would have originally cost around $600+ but with a little luck and lot of shopping the three main pieces only cost me $65. WOWZERS! I think this is probably as close to polished and preppy as I get!”
Jaime-Jaime-0002 Jaime-Jaime-0001 Jaime-Jaime-0009 Jaime-Jaime-0010 Jaime-Jaime-0015 Jaime-Jaime-0017 (1) Jaime-Jaime-0030 Jaime-Jaime-0027 Jaime-Jaime-0033 Jaime-Jaime-0035 Jaime-Jaime-0038
[ sunglasses: Target // bracelets: Aldo/F21/J.Crew // tee: yard sale // skirt: ASOS // vest: Forever 21 // Elizabeth and James shoes: thrift store! ]
“If there is one thing I love as much as getting lucky on a sale rack – its taking risks with my outfits. Take a minute and mosey on over to my side of the blogosphere and check out!”
xoxo - JAiME

Shop Local > Cotton Tails Co.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce each of you to one of my dear friends who is quite the little fireball! We met one fateful summer on a Beach Project in Destin, FL, and I just don’t know what life would be like without my little Ray! This girl is some kind of talented [She was one of the main encouragers behind the starting of Mignonne!!]. She runs a hilarious blog, is a full time student, married to one heck of a guy, revamps furniture like nothing I’ve ever seen, annnnd now has also started her own company! Below is a little tid bit about this gal!

Image 8

It all started the day I up and decided to throw my very first baby shower.

 Being a newly-wed and a full-time college student who can’t remember to get the oil changed on time and has an uncanny ability to spend astronomical amounts of time and money at Target, motherhood and childbirth rank dead last on my priority list at the moment.

 But babies and baby clothing?  Now that is something I can get on board with. Show me a pink smocked baby dress and I turn into a gushing puddle of ridiculous baby talk right there on the floor. One pair of pink baby Uggs later and I’m ready to convince myself that I am completely 100% prepared to be a responsible mother….regardless of the fact that I may or may not have eaten an entire pan of brownies while watching the Bachelor finale just a few short weeks ago. (#AmericaHatesJuanPablo)

 Everything changed during one magical experience as I stared at a package of Gerber onesies the week of the aforementioned baby shower. What? You’ve never encountered a life-altering revelation whilst standing among a wasteland of Huggies and Pampers? Well let me tell you something – the baby section at Target can seriously do a number on ya. I marched home proudly with my onesies, created a few designs in Photoshop, and then used my mother-in-law’s commercial grade heat press (we’re talking 700 degrees, ya’ll) to create my very own personalized baby onesie.

 The rest, as they say, is history.

 Allow me to introduce you to my children’s clothing line, Cotton Tails Co.Cotton Tails Co.


 I have merchandise in several boutiques and church bookstores around Birmingham, and also online in my Etsy Shop. ( I can tailor the graphics, bible verses, monograms etc. to meet your needs.Cotton Tails CoEtsy Images_Gowns And best of all? Today I am offering a coupon to all of Mignonne’s lovely readers! Get 25% off your purchase within the next two weeks by using the code: 25MIGNONNE.

Even if your current motherhood status is limited to a top secret Pinterest board, don’t be shy in buying a monogrammed gown for that baby shower you will inevitably throw in the very near future!

xoxo – Ragan

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