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Now, on to Thrifty Thursday.

This is another amazing find I got at the yard sale the other weekend! I am obsessed with the blazer! And, it also was a much larger size than I normally wear, but by rolling the sleeve and sticking 2 safety pins on the inside along the pipping, I was able to make it fit like a gem! When I put it on, it so reminded me of this amazing Chanel blazer I have been gawking over for more than a year now. That was solidified when I turned to C to hear her thoughts and she exclaims, “OMG that is SO vintage Chanel!” Needless to say, I marched that bad boy right on over to the check out! I mean, LOOK at how similar!! mignonneMost Chanel blazers sell for $1,800-$2,600 and I got my look a like for $1!!mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonneJust like we say so often, don’t be discouraged by lofty price points! Get creative and be willing to wait a little while until you find one that IS affordable!

xoxo – A


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I hate it when people use their budget as an excuse for not dressing nicely… “Oh I can’t afford to look that way”…”Someday when I have a better job I’ll dress nicer”… PEOPLE! STOP IT! You don’t have to break the bank to look great! Thrifting isn’t only for oversized plaid shirts and sale rooms aren’t only for the occasional tank-top. You can look like a billion bucks if you just open your eyes and try!

1 2 3 5 6 7 8 4 9

[ jacket: Ella Moss on sale $30 (similar) // dress: Everly on sale $10 (similar) // necklace: Anthro on sale $7 (similar) // shoes: Jessica Simpson ]

Don’t use your pocket book as an excuse for looking sloppy… just get crafty and then get stylish!

xoxo – C

Treat Yo Self > Barbie Shoes

 Inspired by a particularly hilarious episode of Parks and Recreation, we have decided to create a segment called Treat Yo Self. Every Tuesday we will post about a favorite item that we have treated ourselves to… because sometimes there are those pieces that you just KNOW are worth the extra Benjamins.

This week’s Treat Yo Self is brought to you by A and her favorite hot pink heels!

There are some things that you buy, wear them a few times, and sell then the next season. THEN, there are those items that you buy and you just never want to get rid of them! My hot pink heels would be one of those items. I was a mere sophomore in high school, hanging out at the galleria with one of my besties. We both had an obsessive love of all things make up and name-brand [not much has changed], so it wasn’t unusual for us to meet up and just go from shop to shop. There was this one fateful day while we were aimlessly walking from department store to department store when my eyes beheld this bright pop of bubble gum pink! We walked on in, I tried on one pair and she tried them in another color…. and well, the rest, as they say, is history.

mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonneAnd then, sometimes you just have to kick your heels off and have some fun with your favorite little friend! mignonne[Top: Lavender Boutique, Similar // Jeans: Altr'd State, Similar // Shoes: Nine West, Similar // Necklace: Anthro, Similar]

xoxo – A

Kimono > Pt. 1

Last week A and I were perusing the racks of our favorite boutique (cough TARGET cough) when we stumbled upon the most wonderful thing our eyes had ever seen. This wondrous kimono was hanging there… waiting to be swept up in our loving arms. We cautiously turned over the tag… hoping that it wouldn’t break our hearts… and what do you know… this baby was only $19.99! So naturally we both snatched one up. The fun thing about getting dressed is that you can have the exact same garment as someone else but when you throw your own personal style in the mix you can come out with two totally different looks. So today you’ll get to see my outfitting of our beloved kimono… and then if you tune back in next Monday you’ll get to see A’s styling of the same piece!

IMG_1182 IMG_1202 IMG_1204 IMG_1199 IMG_1186 IMG_1198 IMG_1177

( kimono: Target // dress: Free People // necklace: Soca (similar) // shoes: Forever 21 (similar) )

On Saturday I was out shopping with a friend in a super nice part of Birmingham in this very expensive feeling boutique when the woman behind the counter goes, “Oh I LOVE your kimono… is it so-and-so (insert name of fancy designer I’d never heard of here)?” And it felt so great to go… “Actually, this is from Target.” As we always say… you don’t need to spend a million bucks to LOOK like a million bucks!!! You just need to keep your eyes peeled for those really special pieces… no matter where you shop!

xoxo – C

{don’t forget to check back in next monday for A’s take on our Target kimono!}

Style Icon > Cameron Diaz

Once upon a time, there was a young blond girl, and she set the word on FIYAAAA with her icy blue eyes and rockin’ surfer bod. Not only has this starlet dated some of Hollywood’s most dreamys [Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, Jared Leto... Just to name a few], but her flawless aging has become one of the top 7 wonders of the world. Looking just as fit and fierce as she did over a decade ago when she first hit the red carpet, I bring you one of Charlies own Angels, THE Cameron Diaz.mignonnemignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne[Jacket: Thrifted, similar // Top: Anthropologie, similar // Pants: Gap, Similar // Shoes: Target, similar // Bag: Target, similar]

Here are two other looks of hers that I just love! Cameron Diaz

And who doesn’t love a casual outfit with some striped keds?!
Cameron Diaz

xoxo – A


The fun of yard sale-ing is that you have an excuse to buy ridiculous things and make them work! This weekend C and I met up and went to a yard sale. We both found some pretty awesome items, and this one is one of my favorites! And, remember that post about Size Don’t Matter? Well, let me introduce you to my new, silky, leopardy, top that is…. a 20W. Yes, you read that right, a 20Wide. Hello $1.00 top that I am obsessed with!! mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonne mignonneSo hit up all the yard sale’s possible this weekend and don’t be scared away by sizes that aren’t yours! You too could walk away with a top that makes you feel like Queen of the Jungle [HA]!

xoxo – A

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